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7 reasons why Massage Therapists should care about Linked In
(Posted in English on 2013-01-18)
Here are a few ideas.

1. LinkedIn is a portal into the business world. Are you clients business owners? Business travelers? CEOs? Attorneys? Bankers? The list goes on and on. Many of your clients are not very active on Facebook but they might use LinkedIn a lot for business networking. This is especially true for professionals in more conservative professions, like financial services.

2. LinkedIn builds your credibility. Ever notice that some people on LinkedIn seem to have tons of glowing recommendations on their profile? Makes them look pretty good, right? As you connect with clients on LinkedIn, you give them the opportunity to provide you with a recommendation that stays attached to your profile and lets others see what excellent work you do.

3. LinkedIn is second to none for business networking. Want to find a list of chiropractors in your area to reach out to? Search LinkedIn. Want to build a referral relationship with physicians? Search LinkedIn. Want to partner with a personal trainer in your area? Search LinkedIn.

4. LinkedIn Groups are powerhouses of information. Often time, massage therapists can feel very isolated since we work for hours on end in small, windowless rooms with no outside contact. This means we have limited time for professional interaction with colleagues. LinkedIn Groups can offer you a rich networks with access to massage therapist in your area or all over the world.

5. LinkedIn gives you a platform for sharing great content. As you may know, sharing great content is a powerful way to demonstrate thought leadership and credibility. Blog posts, videos, and other resources can help your target market get to know you better. LinkedIn gives you a great to share this information with you network and then draw your prospects toward your website for more information.

6. All your colleauges are on Facebook. Well, maybe not all of them, but you'll stand out more on LinkedIn, and have an opportunity to share your work history and get involved in great conversations. Take advantage of this and become the most active massage therapist in your area on LinkedIn.

7. People on LinkedIn are ready to network. When you network with people in "real world" you never know how open those people are to learning more about what you do. However, if someone is active on LinkedIn it usually means they are open to connecting and are willing to discuss referral relationships.

Is LinkedIn as fun and interesting as Facebook? Of course not. However, we think growing your business is fun and so we're big fans of LinkedIn for massage therapists.


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